Publicerad: 18 september 2014

Here you'll find the schedule for everything from Keynote speeches, paper presentations and social events.

Wednesday 20th May 2015

9.15-11.15       Registration with coffee and sandwich

11.15-11.30:     Lydia Kokkola: Welcome (LKAB-salen)

11.30-12.30     Keynote 1: Eva Björck (the Swedish Research Council)
Current Issues in Applications for Research Funding

12.30-13.45     Lunch (all meals will be served buffet style to accommodate food restrictions) (Center Restaurant)

13.45-15.15     Parallel paper presentations

Room A207 Room A208 Room A20

Zita Farkas

To Be or Not to Be a Woman Writer: The Vexing Dilemma of a Woman Writer in the Contemporary Literary Field

Malin Lidström Brock

Virginia Woolf in Biofiction: Questions of Genre and Literary Afterlife

Lars Liljegren

The Different Strindberg: August Strindberg and Post-Victorian Censorship

Annika Lindskog

Listening to Modernism: Sound and Silence in the Modernist Novel



Magnus Ullén

Rhetoric as a Means to Teach English

Francesco Ursini

Teaching Theoretical Linguistics in an ESL Context: The Case of Semantics

Henrik Gyllstad

A Research-based Approach to Vocabulary Learning and Teaching: Encouraging Learner Autonomy and Accountability

Emma Palola Kirby

The Phenomenographic Approach Applied to Second Language Vocabulary Learning


Robin Engström

Nothing but Heather: The Scottish Independence Referendum in Text, Image and Thought

Janet Enever

Accounting for Contemporary Challenges in Primary Languages in India: Questions of History and Development?

Alexander Lakaw

Agreement Patterns of Collective Nouns in 19th-century American English

Magnus Levin

English Hyphenated Premodifiers in German and Swedish Translations: A State-of-the-art Study

15.15-15.45     Coffee break

15.45-17.15     Parallel paper presentations

Room A207 Room A208 Room A209


Lydia Kokkola

Empathising with Characters in Traditional and Digital Environments

Anna Uddén

Literary History - Coverage or Depth, part one

Joakim Wrethed

Literary History - Coverage or Depth, part two

Aliona Yarova

Magic is Unbelievable, or is it?


Raffaella Negretti and Spela Mezek

Experiences of Students Writing a BA essay in Literature and Linguistics

Annelie Ädel and Julie Skogs

Teacher Responses to Student Writing

Charlotte Hommerberg, Anna Lundström and Elisabeth Zetterholm

Challenges in Teaching Preparatory English for International Students – Experiences from Linnaeus University

Thorsten Schröter

Current and Planned Mälardalen University Research on English Teaching and Learning – An Overview


Camilla Sundqvist

Colleagues, Cooperation and Classroom

Erica Sandlund, Pia Sundqvist and Lina Nyroos

Testing Talk: Report from an Ongoing Project on the Speaking Part of the National Test in English

Pia Sundqvist, Alastair Henry, Helena Korp and Cecilia Thorsen

Bridging the Gap between In- and Out-of-school English: Report from an Ongoing Project 

Adrian Rodriguez

Navigating Second-Language Hyperspace

18.30-late        Mingle with buffet dinner in the lounge on the fifth floor of Kulturens Hus Hosted by the Municipality of Luleå


Thursday 21st May 2015

9.00-9.30        Presentation of the SWESSE Prizes for Literature and Linguistics (LKAB salen)  Short News Items.

9.30-10.30       Keynote 2: Jeannette Littlemore (University of Birmingham) (LKAB salen)
Metaphor and metonymy in cross-cultural communication and language teaching

10.30-11.00     Coffee break (A108) and SWESSE Board Meeting (A210)

11:00-12:30    Parallel paper presentations

Room A207 Room A208 Room A209

Eva Fjällström

Cultural Understanding and Cultural Bumps in Swedish Adolescents’ Responses to Rushdie’s Good Advice is Rarer than Rubies

Anette Svensson

Teaching English in a Diverse Classroom: Difficulties and Possibilities

Monica Tellström

School Exchange for Student Teachers

Liss Kerstin Sylvén

The CLISS project – An Overview and Some Results 

Claes Lindskog

Towards a Spatial Narratology of Poetry

Ellen Turner

Peer Review Jitters: Anxiety and Empathy in the English Academic Writing Classroom

Niklas Salmose

Stalk and Slash in the Class

Parvin Gheitasi

Formulaicity in the Oral Language Production of Young Foreign Language Learners

Marie Nordlund

What Student Teachers Think about Language Learning and Language Teaching

Annika Lindskog and Marie Källkvist

Alumni Survey: English Studies at Lund University

Diane Pecorari Charlotte Hommerberg and Ibolya Maricic

PROFiLE – A Longitudinal Study of English-taught Master Programmes at Swedish universities

Tina Gunnarsson and Marie Källkvist           

Year-9 Students’ Use of their Background Languages while Writing in English (L2)



12.30-13.30     Lunch (Center Restaurant)

13.30-14.30     Keynote 3:  Roxanne Harde (University of Alberta) (LKAB salen)
“I knew what I missed”: Nostalgia and/as Resistance in First Nations Fiction for Children.

14.30-16.00     Parallel Meetings

Professors of Literature (A110)           Professors of Linguistics (A111)
Teaching Literature (A207)                 Teaching Language Education (A208)
Teaching Linguistics (A209)                Teaching Language skills (A210)
PhD students (A108)
                         Teachers in schools (A207)

16.00-16.30     Coffee break (A108)

16.30-18.00:   SWESSE General Assembly Meeting (LKAB salen)

19.00- late       Conference dinner (Hotel Elite)


Friday 22nd May 2015

9.15-9.30        Notices and housekeeping (LKAB salen)

9.30-10.30       Keynote 4: Norbert Schmitt (University of Nottingham) (LKAB salen)
New Perspectives on Formulaic Language

10.30-11:00    Coffee break (A108)

11:00-12:00    Parallel Workshops

  1. Teaching Literature through Task Based Learning (Roxanne Harde) (A207)
  2. Teaching and Researching Figurative Language (Jeannette Littlemore) (A208)
  3. Teaching Vocabulary (Norbert Schmitt) (A209)

12:00    Concluding words (LKAB salen)

12.15    Lunch