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Master Programme Specialising in English and Education (one year)

Published: 28 January 2014

The Department of Health, Education and Technology offers a Master Programme (1 year) in which it is possible to specialise in English and Education. This programme offers students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of academic research methods and principles. In the English and Education courses, Students gain practical experience of research, first by working closely with a researcher and then by planning and implementing their own research project. Students can decide to focus on English linguistics and education or English literature and education.

English is the working language within the subject of English and Education, and students are expected to produce texts that demonstrate an advanced understanding of the conventions of academic writing. To support the students’ language proficiency, English is the language of instruction, class discussions, and examinations, as well as the teaching materials. Swedish is the working language for the modules shared with other subjects in the Department of Arts, Communication and Education.

Employment prospects

The programme prepares students for careers that require solid knowledge and skills as well as academic training in the subject of English and Education. These include positions in higher education, schools, museums, archives, libraries, publishing companies, governmental authorities, government ministries, tourism, and media (journalism, translation, for instance).

Admission Requirements

The programme is open to students who have a minimum of 180 hp of university school education. In order to specialise in English and Education, at least 90hp must be in English.