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Denise Danielsson
Denise Danielsson. Photo: Lars Andersson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

"Have fun and enjoy the ride"

Published: 23 January 2017

Denise Danielsson (aged 22) has been studying English at university for two years. Currently she is finishing her Denise Danielsson (aged 22) has been studying English at LTU for two years. She is currently finishing her coursework, and soon she will start writing her final degree project. She decided to study at LTU because she wanted to live in the northern part of Sweden and LTU could offer interesting courses. She took English A just because English had been one of her favourite subjects in High School, but found the courses so rewarding she wanted to continue studying it.

– I have really enjoyed studying English at LTU. In many ways, it was as I expected, for instance, I expected us to read a lot of English literature, and we have. We have studied literature from many different English-speaking countries and written in many varieties of English. I really like the fact that we have come into contact with so many different Englishes and English-speaking experiences. It has broadened my perspective on English Studies, which I think I needed. 

Which aspect of English studies interested you most?

I would say that linguistics is what has interested me most. It has been fascinating to learn more about how language actually works and how people use language. Language is a fundamental part of human culture and it is really rewarding to gain insight in how language functions in society and in our lives. A section within English C focuses on cognitive linguistics and that was mind-blowing in many ways. I think the word I used most during our seminars was “cool” because it really was so cool to learn how language works in the mind (or might work, I should say, there are several theories of course).

Likes living in the north

When she is not studying, Denise enjoys reading, cycling, knitting and hanging out with her friends. She likes the atmosphere on campus, especially the friendly people, the newly refurbished study areas and the great staff in the University library. Most of all, Denise likes living in the north. 

– I really enjoy living in Luleå. Each season is amazingly beautiful. We have the most beautiful winters with lots of snow and cold, crisp mornings and then, of course, the well-known midnight sun in the summer.  Luleå is a pleasant city as well with a lot of different things to offer when it comes to food, culture and things like that. I like the size of it as well. It is not too big but not too small either. All in all, Luleå is a very pleasant city to live in with a great university and wonderful nature. 

Although Denise studies and lives in Luleå, she has taken English courses that are taught wholly on-line. This makes it possible for students to travel whilst they are studying, or to arrange their family life more flexibly. We asked her what the main differences between studying on campus and on-line were. 

– Many things are very similar. Both on campus and on-line, we have had a lot of seminars and quite a lot of reading. The difference has been that instead of sitting in the same room as my teachers and fellow students, I am sitting in front of a computer. It feels a bit weird at first but you get used to it after a few seminars. Another difference is that we have had pre-recorded lectures in the on-line course. This is helpful because it allows you to listen to a lecture several times and pause when you need to consider what the teacher just said. When studying on-line, I do miss to meet my fellow students and my teachers face to face though, but I can always call in on them when I am on campus.

What advice would you give to someone who was about to start their studies in English at LTU?

First and foremost, have fun and enjoy the ride! On a more practical note, my advice is to read the assigned material and come prepared to class. This enables you to have really fun seminars where you can delve deeper into what you find interesting or challenging in the material. Do not be afraid of asking questions if there is anything you do not understand. The teachers and the other students are there to help you and class is always a learning situation, not only when the teacher is lecturing but also when you are discussing the subject.