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Study English at LTU

Published: 28 January 2014

In the Swedish Council for Higher Education’s recent evaluation of programmes in English at Swedish Universities, Luleå University of Technology was one of only three universities to receive the highest possible grade (VG) for their the BA programme specialising in English.

A good command of the English language is a necessary skill in many contexts and opens up numerous possibilities for future employment.

During the programme, you will learn to analyse linguistic, literary and cultural phenomena through the medium of the English language. Your written and spoken language skills will be improved at the same time as you learn to formulate your own questions and develop techniques for analysis.

The programme comprises of three 30 credit courses (English A [E0013S], English B [E0012S], and English C [E0014S]). English A and B are offered for full time study during the autumn and spring semesters, respectively, whereas English C is offered at 50% study pace each autumn. All three courses are offered on-line and there are no physical meetings. Instead, the teaching is carried out via day-time seminars on Zoom. 

Employment prospects

Knowledge of English is invaluable for many careers. The ability to analyse the language, its literatures and to have a sense of English speaking cultures also prepare students for careers involving problem-solving, team work, analytical comprehension and the ability to communicate ideas. Students with a BA in English are typically found in education, management, museums, archives, libraries, publishing companies, governmental authorities, government ministries, tourism and media.