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English and Education

English and Education focuses on English as a subject as well as its teaching practice. We offer courses up to the C level (up to 90 credits), specializing in either language or literature, as part of a Bachelor degree. We also offer a number of other courses, such as Creative Writing in English and English for Professional Purposes. English also constitutes a central part of the teacher education programmes at LTU, providing courses for students training to become teachers of Preschool, Primary school or High School. English and Education is a dynamic subject, and was awarded the highest grade in the latest evaluation by the Swedish Higher Education Authority.

We conduct research in both English linguistics and literature, where the subject’s teaching practice is studied in conjunction with the English language and its literary and cultural expressions. Our research focus ranges from textbooks and vocabulary acquisition to children’s literature and film studies. Together with other research subjects, we contribute to ensuring the scientific competence within the teacher education programmes at LTU. English and Education is part of the graduate school Practice-Based Educational Research (PROFS), which is a collaborative project between the university, municipalities in the vicinity and the Region of Norrbotten, and we constitute an important part of the university’s strategic area of Learning.

Maria Johansson
The research develops the schools

The teacher educations at Luleå University of Technology are many. The research is often closely linked to the daily activities in the schools. "The goal is a close collaboration with the municipalities and schools also when it comes to the programmes", says Maria Johansson, head of Division.

Nobla dagen went digital

Traditionally, the Nobla dagen has been held at the Department of Health Sciences. It was carried out digitally, due to the ongoing pandemic. The day was about the new Department of Health, Education and Technology. – It was a very interesting day. We gained insight into each other's educational programs and research, says Eva Alerby, professor of pedagogy.