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DigIn Workshop 2018

Published: 15 November 2018

Why did you arrange this workshop?

The workshop was arranged as part of our Vinnova-project to facilitate cross-learnings and project results dissemination among industrial actors as well as academia and governmental organizations. The theme for the workshop was Profiting from Digitalization – Business model Innovation for Win-Win Relationships, with emphasize on the shift in the business logic that digitalization implies for provider-customer relationships. Companies needs to open up and collaborate better with their partners in their ecosystems to identify and gain from valuable digital opportunities.

“Our intention is to stimulate discussions on digitalization of Swedish industry, learn from both academia and industry, and create an opportunity for knowledge exchange and networking.” Vinit Parida (DigIn Project leader and Professor, Luleå University of Technology)

Short version - Video DigIn Workshop 2018

Who participated?

The workshop invited 40 company representatives came from senior managerial levels of Boliden, SCA, Ericsson, Volvo Construction Equipment, Komatsu Forest, ABB, ÅF, LKAB, Epiroc, Sandvik, Mobilaris, Mälarenergi and Sandvik Coromant. Further, we had participants from Vinnova, the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Lindahl, as well as leading academics on the topic from Copenhagen Business School, Aston Business School and the University of Vaasa.

“ of the main challenges is the organizational change, and to make the organization mature about understanding digitalization and the profit we can gain from it.” Annika Kaar (Manager Marketing Planning & Development, Sandvik Coromant).

“So far it (i.e workshops and DigIn interaction) has already inspired us in many different areas, and hopefully the project itself will give us ideas on how to nurture and how to improve our ecosystems of suppliers, and also how our suppliers could collaborate more between each other.” Björn Stenecker (Chief Procurement Officer, Boliden).

“What DigIn really helps with is to work with the other players in the industry ecosystem, and they can also give us good ideas of where this industry and other industries are heading, from that we can learn a lot. The other area where DigIn can really help is in terms of building that ecosystem of collaboration between partners, like what we did today, exchanging ideas between different parts of the ecosystem”. Jeroen Snoeck (Director Connected Site & Machine Services, Volvo Construction Equipment).

What did you do?

The workshop included an interactive full-day program at Fotografiska Museet in Stockholm, where lectures and interactive sessions and discussions followed each other. Learnings from ongoing research and company transitions where shared and discussed. The day ended with a visit at Fotografiska exhibitions and a joint dinner.

“Besides getting an understanding of how other companies are doing, I hope that we will come down to more specific recommendations on how we as a company could benefit from the digital transformation”. Mats O. Pettersson (Principal Researcher - Business Models, Ericsson).

“What is unique about this workshop is that it brings multiple actors, and thus multiple perspectives, into a common discussion about digital business modelling. This has been missing in many ongoing industrial initiatives and research where we tend to focus on single companies or their interaction with customers. However, to profit from digitalization we need to take a multiple actor perspective and I believe the DigIn-project and this workshop is an important step to accomplish this.” Lina Sundén (PhD Candidate, Luleå University of technology)

Long version - Video DigIn Workshop 2018

What was the outcome?

In addition to opportunity for networking and cross learning, participates benefited from three key outcomes:   

1. Industry partners gain access to new knowledge based on the project results

about how to systematically manage organizational transformation towards profiting from digitalization.

2. Exposure to leading examples of how other leading companies from Europe are managing digitalization transformation based on academic experts’ presentations.

3. Interactive session provide opportunity for participants to ask questions and seek inputs from peers from the Swedish industry and academia.

The workshop resulted in very interesting and rewarding discussions, new collaborations were initiated, and we captured important learnings on how we as researchers can support industry in the digitalization transition” David Sjödin (Associate Professor, Luleå University of Technology)

For more information, please contact Professor Vinit Parida,; +46 735435074 or Associate Professor David Sjödin, +46 92049 1819 

Vinit Parida

Parida, Vinit - Professor and Head of Subject

Organisation: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Business Administration and Industrial Engineering, Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts
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David Sjödin

Sjödin, David - Associate Professor

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