Professor Mats Westerberg. Photo: Lars Andersson

Entrepreneurial center opened

Published: 26 August 2014

Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning is a new venture at Luleå University of Technology in order to develop entrepreneurship in society with a particular focus on the education sector. This week it was officially launched at the university.

- It feels great to finally get started in earnest. I am proud of what we've done so far and I am confident that we can mean something to the development of the school, said center Manager Mats Westerberg.

Collect skills at the university

The idea of ​​the CEL-LTU is to create a multidisciplinary center at Luleå University where skills related to entrepreneurial learning is collected.

- In addition to research, we will, among other things to work with selected schools in the immediate area and starting in autumn train educators on the topic entrepreneurial learning. We are also in the process of developing an innovative open environment on campus where the curious can meet and develop their entrepreneurial skills and build business together, says Mats Westerberg.

Innovation finds future opportunities

Entrepreneurial learning is to develop and encourage general skills to take the initiative and turn ideas into action - while individuals work out their interpersonal skills and build up the courage to take risks. Mats Westerberg is convinced that these abilities are becoming increasingly important in the future.

- I have worked on this for several years and everything points to that entrepreneurial learning is central to us as human beings. Partly at the individual level where we all occasionally have a need to be creative but also at national and global levels is entrepreneurship important. It is through innovation that we solve today's problems and find future opportunities.

Photo: Lars Andersson
Carinha Holmquist. Photo: Lars Andersson

A bigger issue than just business

At the inauguration of the center a series of representatives from the university attended but also prominent researchers from other universities around the Nordic region. One of them was Carin Holmquist, professor of entrepreneurship at the Stockholm School of Economics and one of four academic advisors linked to the CEL-LTU.

- The school system is still a lot left in the idea on teaching being about repetition which has its purpose but that also has to be widened. There, I think that entrepreneurial learning fills a very important role, says Carin hoping that the center will lead to a different and broader view of what entrepreneurship means.

- Entrepreneurship is a much bigger issue than just business. Rather it is an approach to life. A lifestyle quite easily.


The activities of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning is funded by the City of Luleå kommun, Skellefteå kommun, Skolverket, Vinnova and the Kamprad Foundation.

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