Detailed knowledge of how the process looks from innovation to business will be displayed in the researchers' projects.

How innovation becomes business

Published: 23 July 2014

Luleå University of Technology will for three years be running a strategically important research projects to identify different aspects of the process from innovation to business. The most important technological innovations will be studied and about 3,000 companies included in the study. The project involves three international top researchers in the field.

Vinit Parida and Joakim Wincent LTU
Vinit Parida assistant professor and Joakim Wincent Professor at Luleå University of Technology leads the research on the innovation process.

- It is important to identify how such a process might work optimally for Sweden to maintain and preferably enhance its competitiveness against other similar countries, says Joakim Wincent Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Luleå University of Technology.

The project will have a national and international focus, but also with an eye on the conditions in which entrepreneurs in Norrbotten work. Three international researchers become collaborators, including one of North America's premier within entrepreneurship, Professor Dean A. Shephard from Indiana University, USA.

Experimental projects

Research in social sciences usually use to be implemented with the support of interviews and an exploratory study. This project has a new and more ambitious approach. Researchers at Luleå University of Technology would like to create an experimental situation where they are trying to "look into" the technological landscape in specific industries to see how powerful innovation leads to new business.

Top patent that is the most cited in the rapidly emerging technologies in the last five years should be studied, who is behind, and how many are completely new ventures. The basic information to be presented enables the identification of an already established technology and through a series of specific questions to entrepreneurs see how they tried to build something new on that basis.

- It will give us insights into how they actually work around this to achieve a higher performance, higher weight. Roughly speaking, that's what this project will be about, says Vinit Parida assistant professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at Luleå University of Technology.

Closely follow Contractor

In a first step, one wants to find entrepreneurs in small companies doing innovation in new technologies and carefully follow them.

- Unlike all other studies, we will follow them over time to see how they navigate when they find patent protection for example a mobile phone, how the patent antennas and so on, says Joakim Wincent.

By CIIR, Centre for Interorganisatonal Innovation Research at Luleå University of Technology researchers expect to be able to utilize the results of the research  through seminars and the like.

- Can we answer this type of questions we will answer something that economists can not do. The only thing they use to predict the dynamics witin the business sector is often technical change, but they does not include the individuals who act on it, says Vinit Parida.