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Vinit Parida, Mats Westerberg and Håkan Ylinenpää.

ICT as a lever for smaller businesses

Published: 27 March 2012

Modern information technology and networking are two characteristics of what we usually call information or knowledge society. This is something that both society and companies have to manage. But what does this mean to small business?

When Håkan Ylinenpää, Mats Westerberg and Vinit Parida, Luleå University of Technology and CiiR, held a presentation at IVA's Conference Centre March 19, they said that information and communication technology (ICT) can act as a lever for development of small companies.

Lessons from various research projects and a number of real cases were presented. Questions that received particular attention were:

  • How can ICT contribute to networking and business development?
  • What should you consider as an entrepreneur?
  • What challenges are at the policy level?

The lecture attracted more than 70 audiences in the form of mostly entrepreneurs and policymakers.