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Milad Kolgar
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Milad Kolagar – New PhD student in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Published: 4 September 2020

Milad Kolagar is a new PhD student at Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He is working on a research project about digital innovation of business models in Swedish and global industrial ecosystems.

Milad Kolagar is working together with his colleagues within the DigIn team to support the digitalization journey of Swedish industries. The aim of the project is to contribute in making Swedish industrial companies the world-leading players in terms of offering or benefiting from digitalization.

– We are helping the companies to address the challenges and also improve their capabilities in order to achieve this goal. It is really interesting to have interactions with all these industries and researching them and I’m really glad to be part of this passionate team. We all need to be learners throughout our lives, and I'm happy to be on my learning journey, says Milad Kolagar.

Milad Kolagar holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Science in Industrial Management. He has the experience of working in the industry as a sales manager and production manager. As a master student in his home country, Iran, he also belonged to a group of academics who worked with evaluation of different companies and organizations, mostly using quantitative methods and mathematical modelling, and giving consultation on how to improve their productivity.

He has been living in Luleå since mid-January. The environment is quite different from his hometown Babol– a city located 20 kilometers south of the Caspian Sea in the northern Iran.

– As far as I can remember I always loved calm and quiet places. So, as you can guess, Luleå with its tranquillity and peacefulness, with its lakes and beautiful scenery, is the right place for me. I was really mesmerized by the midnight sun and how this beautiful picture was reflected in the water. I have been staying up late in the night this summer many times just to enjoy the beauty of the midnight sun. That really makes me think of the greatness of the universe and how small we are in comparison. Still, it makes me think that even the smallest part of the universe can make changes for the better, says Milad Kolagar.

In his free-time he likes to read poetry and philosophy. Furtherly he likes to go sightseeing in the city and nearby. One of the places he has visited is Gammelstad Church Town which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.