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Emil Svanberg
Emil Svanberg

Emil Svanberg
Aurorum 1A Luleå

Emil Svanberg included in the commercialization team at LTU Business AB where he helps researchers, students and staff at the university to commercialize their ideas and results. The challenge to match customer needs with the right product or service, regardless of the technology field or industry, is what he finds most inspiring.

Emil is a graduate in computer science (data communication). After more than a decade in computer and telecommunications with everything from programming to international sales and after having helped to found and operate a LTU spin-off, changed the Emil to the tourism industry. He was most recently CEO for five years in a company that owns and operates tourist facilities where the focus was on new products and services.

Private Emil interested in family life with wife and two children, and most of all alpine skiing and a healthy dose of running.

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