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Publikationer - Entreprenörskap och innovation

Alla tidskriftsartiklar (publicerade och “early view”), konferenspresentationer och andra rapporter publicerade vid Entreprenörskap och Innovation listas i publikationsdatabasen.

Artikel i tidskrift

A maturity framework for autonomous solutions in manufacturing firms:The interplay of technology, ecosystem, and business model (2022)

Thomson. L, Kamalaldin. A, Sjödin. D, Parida. V
The International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, Vol. 18, nr. 1, s. 125-152
Artikel i tidskrift

Assessing sustainability opportunities for circular business models (2022)

Averina. E, Frishammar. J, Parida. V
Business Strategy and the Environment, Vol. 31, nr. 4, s. 1464-1487
Artikel, forskningsöversikt

Business to business (B2B) alliances in the healthcare industry (2022)

a review of research trends and pertinent issues
Madanaguli. A, Dhir. A, Talwar. S, Singh. G, Escobar. O
Ingår i: Journal of business & industrial marketing
Artikel i tidskrift

Caste-Based Discrimination, Microfinance Credit Scores, and Microfinance Loan Approvals Among Females in India (2022)

Patel. P, Lenka. S, Parida. V
Business & society, Vol. 61, nr. 2, s. 372-388
Artikel i tidskrift

Circular Economy in the Digital Age (2022)

Bressanelli. G, Adrodegari. F, Pigosso. D, Parida. V
Sustainability, Vol. 14, nr. 9
Artikel i tidskrift

Coping with the relational paradoxes of outcome-based services (2022)

Korkeamäki. L, Sjödin. D, Kohtamäki. M, Parida. V
Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 104, s. 14-27
Artikel, forskningsöversikt

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability in the tourism sector: A systematic literature review and future outlook (2022)

Madanaguli. A, Srivastava. S, Ferraris. A, Dhir. A
Ingår i: Sustainable Development
Artikel i tidskrift

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and hospitality sector: Charting new frontiers for restaurant businesses (2022)

Kaur. P, Talwar. S, Madanaguli. A, Srivastava. S, Dhir. A
Journal of Business Research, Vol. 144, s. 1234-1248
Artikel i tidskrift

Digital servitization strategies for SME internationalization (2022)

the interplay between digital service maturity and ecosystem involvement
Kolagar. M, Reim. W, Parida. V, Sjödin. D
Journal of Service Management, Vol. 33, nr. 1, s. 143-162
Artikel, forskningsöversikt

Digitalization driven retail business model innovation: Evaluation of past and avenues for future research trends (2022)

Mostaghel. R, Oghazi. P, Parida. V, Sohrabpour. V
Ingår i: Journal of Business Research
Artikel, forskningsöversikt

Diving into the uncertainties of open innovation: A systematic review of risks to uncover pertinent typologies and unexplored horizons (2022)

Madanaguli. A, Dhir. A, Talwar. S, Clauss. T, Kraus. S, Kaur. P
Ingår i: Technovation