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All journal articles (published and early view), conference presentation and other reports by the Entrepreneurship and Innovation group are listed in the publication databasen.

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A Knowledge-based Perspective on System Weaknesses in Technological Innovation Systems (2019)

Frishammar. J, Söderholm. P, Hellsmark. H, Mossberg. J
Science and Public Policy, Vol. 46, nr. 1, s. 55-70
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Addressing dual embeddedness (2019)

The roles of absorptive capacity and appropriabilitymechanisms in subsidiary performance
Cenamor. J, Parida. V, Oghazi. P, Pesämaa. O, Wincent. J
Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 78, s. 239-249
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Circular business model transformation (2019)

A roadmap for incumbent firms
Frishammar. J, Parida. V
California Management Review, Vol. 61, nr. 2, s. 5-29
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Demonstration projects in sustainable technology (2019)

The road to fulfillment of project goals
Sjöö. K, Frishammar. J
Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 228, s. 331-340
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How entrepreneurial SMEs compete through digital platforms (2019)

The roles of digital platform capability, network capability and ambidexterity
Cenamor. J, Parida. V, Wincent. J
Journal of Business Research, Vol. 100, s. 196-206
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How Individuals Engage in the Absorption of New External Knowledge (2019)

A Process Model of Absorptive Capacity
Sjödin. D, Frishammar. J, Thorgren. S
The Journal of product innovation management, Vol. 36, nr. 3, s. 356-380
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Idea generation and open innovation in SMEs (2019)

When does market‐based collaboration pay off most?
Gama. F, Frishammar. J, Parida. V
Creativity and Innovation Management, Vol. 28, nr. 1, s. 113-123
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Independent Distributors in Servitization: An Assessment of Key Internal and Ecosystem-related Problems (2019)

Hullova. D, Laczko. P, Frishammar. J
Journal of Business Research
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Industrial clusters, flagship enterprises and regional innovation (2019)

Anokhin. S, Wincent. J, Parida. V, Chistyakova. N, Oghazi. P
Entrepreneurship, Vol. 31, nr. 1-2, s. 104-118
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Knowledge processing and ecosystem co-creation for process innovation (2019)

Managing joint knowledge processing in process innovation projects
Sjödin. D
The International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, Vol. 15, nr. 1, s. 135-162
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Knowledge types to progress the development of sustainable technologies (2019)

A case study of Swedish demonstration plants.
Nordqvist. S, Frishammar. J
The International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, Vol. 15, nr. 1, s. 75-95