The region's businesses in focus

Published: 8 October 2013

Professor Håkan Ylinenpää is passionate about building new businesses. His new assignment is to build up Effective innovation and organization, an area of excellence in research and innovationa at Luleå University of Technology.

– Our area is a little different, not as business oriented as others, he says. We can therefore be included in all areas and I think we will be, for example, when we make big EU applications. We will contribute in building knowledge for the good life by developing solutions for managing and organizing innovative companies, organizations and entire innovation systems.

So far they have managed to arrange a consultation process which generated many exciting ideas. A so-called Advisory Board is appointed and has held a first meeting. Here sits representatives from Norrlandsfonden, the County Board, County Council, IUC and the head of the department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences. They also do an inventory of the profile that exists today and the potential development area available for the future.

– We will consider to what the region's businesses needs and develop what we have, for example, the activities of the National Excellence Center CiiR. I am confident that we will work in partnership in the world, but with the base in the region.

Associate scientific leader for Effective innovation and organization is Anna Berg Jansson. Together, they lead a second consultation at the university on October 23 where the roadmap for future work will be staked out.

Source: LTU Review, No. 13, 2013