Innovative thinking for business in the forefront

Published: 2 January 2014

Sweden is on top of the list of the worlds most innovative countries. LTU researchers and leading Swedish companies, develop new procedures and processes to help companies maintain their position as innovation leader the next ten years.

Increased globalization, greater social responsibility for business, new markets in Asia, South America and Africa and faster technology development, requiring companies to change their product realization processes if they want to keep their position as innovation leader in the future.

- Customer surveys and other traditional tools for innovation focuses on a company's most advanced customer group that becomes an obsticle to discover brand new customer needs, says researcher Johan Frishammar.

Professor Joakim Wincent, Assistant Professor Vinit Parida and Professor Johan Frishammar, all in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation at LTU, has received 5.4 millioncrowns from VINNOVA to develop new methods that support innovative product, and service development for global markets.

The research team also includes one of the world's leading researchers in the field of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Professor Dean Shepherd from Indiana University.

30 companies, including Ericsson, Volvo Construction, Sandvik Coromant, ABB Robotics and Höganäs, has appeared in an interview to develop scenarios of how companies that compete with innovations today will work in the future. Based on the interviews a new process for how companies can discover future products and services is developed.

Selling function instead of products and greater transparency in the product development process where  more partners in new industries are invited, are examples of new ways of thinking for companies that want to remain in the forefront of innovation.

- Models that support innovation today often do not take into account changes in the market, says the LTU researchers. Sometimes it is also required that the company demolishes their entire business concept. Take Nokia for example, who choose to access from mobile phones to selling  site technology

The new product development process will be tested in the companies that participate in the research project during  2015.

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