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Getachew Solomon received an award for best poster presentation at the E-MRS conference in Nice. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

PhD student in Experimental Physics received best poster award

Published: 4 July 2019

Of 140 participants, PhD student Getachew Solomon was one of two who received the prize for best poster presentation. This happened at the 2019 Spring Meeting of the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) in Nice, France.

– It feels fantastic to receive an award for my poster presentation at the E-MRS 2019 symposium H named "Materials for applications in photocatalysis and photoconversion". The symposium gathered researchers from different fields who held a number of oral presentations and 140 poster presentations, says Getachew Solomon, PhD student in Experimental Physics at Luleå University of Technology.

The research on which the poster presentation is based is about catalyst synthesis for hydrogen evolution. The work involves synthesis and characterizing new nanocomposites and testing their hydrogen evolution activity.

– The research can lead to the development of clean and renewable energy resources and opens up for further optimization strategies for designing a stable and cheap catalyst for water splitting.

The article on which the poster is based has the title Ag2S/MoS2 Nanocomposites Anchored on Reduced Graphene Oxide: Fast Interfacial Charge Transfer for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction and is published in the scientific journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces with an impact factor of 8.097. The researchers at Luleå University of Technology who participated in the article are besides Getachew Solomon also Raffaello Mazzaro, Shujie You, Isabella Concina and Alberto Vomiero.

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Getachew Solomon

Solomon, Getachew - PhD Student

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