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3D X-ray microtomography

X-ray microtomography (XMT, XCT, MicroCT) is a non-destructive technique for 3D imaging and characterization of materials, including minerals, rocks, metals, composites and wood, with sub-micron resolution. From the acquired 3D data it is possible to make quantitative analysis of internal features such as porosity, cracks, grains, fibers etc., as well as determine material deformation and strain. 


XMT is a non-destructive technique that do not require any sample preparation. The sample is placed in the system and the scan is started. The result describes the 3D microstructure of the material, based on its density. After a scan, the same sample can be tested using other complimentary techniques (such as SEM), or scanned repeatedly during in-situ loading using XMT.