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Article on single scattering properties of snow

Published: 26 April 2017

Title of the article: Investigation of single scattering properties of snow based on first order Legendre phase function

Angularly and spectrally resolved bidrectional reflectance from snow was measured using a near-infrared spectrometer. These angularly resolved intensity measurements were numerically analysed based on modelling calculations (DISORT, radiative trasnfer model), and a Legendre scattering phase function is estimated.

Ten different snow types were investigated to study the correlation between snow physical properties and estimated Legendre coefficients. A reflectance spectrum for a given snow sample was in the spectral region of 900 nm to 1650 nm.

Legendre coefficients were estimated by solving the scattering phase function and, these coefficients properly captured the spectral and angular features of snow.  

The main conclusions of the study were, 

  • The first Legendre coefficient correponds to the single scattering albedo, ie., how much light is being absorbed by snow.
  • The second Legednre coefficinet corresponds to the asymmetry parameter, ie., how light is being scattered into a given direction.