Movies about Sivpro

Published: 4 July 2017

Results from the research project Sivpro, financed by Vinnova within the framework of Production2030. Sivpro is a measurement method for automatic geometric quality control directly in a production line. Project leader: Professor Mikael Sjödahl, Luleå University of Technology.

Below are two movies. A longer version of interviews and a short text-based version.

Financiers and partners: Vinnova, Xtura, Innovmetric, Optronic, Volvo Cars, Hexagon, Chalmers, Luleå University of Technology and University West.

Photo: Högskolan Väst


Mikael Sjödahl

Sjödahl, Mikael - Professor and Head of Subject, Chaired Professor

Organisation: Experimental Mechanics, Fluid and Experimental Mechanics, Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
Phone: +46 (0)920 491220
Room: E801 - Luleå»