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The manager speaks, autumn 2012

Published: 28 August 2012

It has now been more than a year ago Experimental Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics merged into one division. The concept of the merging is that the subjects should retain their characteristics and that the administration will be more efficient and the infrastructure will be strengthened. The main result so far is the formation of The John Field Laboratory in cooperation with the Division of Solid Mechanics. The Laboratory will be developed into a significant node in Europe for measuring deformation and velocity fields both in the laboratory at LTU and in field. Within the framework of The John Field Laboratory new experimental methods will also be developed. It will be a very exciting development to follow especially since the University will make major investments in laboratory activities in the coming years.

Alumni day 2012

In spring we also arranged a Division Alumni day where some alumni presented their activities. This item of the programme was very much appreciated partly because the PhD-students had the opportunity to be inspired by different career paths after graduation. During the Alumni day the Fluid laboratory for the students was also inaugurated under the name Allan Holmgren's water laboratory or simply Allans lab. There will be a new Alumni day in spring 2013.

Two happy Alumni after winning a series of boule

Autumn 2012

In autumn 2012, the department will work with strategies regarding research, financing of research, teaching and experimental and numerical infrastructures to further exploit the symbiosis that exists between subjects Experimental Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics. Research funding offers many opportunities and it is important to match these with the strategies for the subjects, the department and the university. There is also a trend that the number of students choosing the courses taught by the division is increasing, which is fun and challenging. Autumn will pose a number of conferences licentiate seminars and a pair of PhD-thesis defences as well as a lot of other activities mostly in the form of research and teaching.

Staffan Lundström