Researcher Johan Casselgren at Luleå University of Technology who received the Traffic Safety Award

Major road safety award to LTU

Published: 12 January 2012

Researcher Johan Casselgren at Luleå University of Technology received a major road safety award, founded by three trade magazines, in the category " vendor of the year" LTU won the prize for having developed a method and technique to classify and describe various road conditions. Casselgren received the award at a Transport Forum in Linköping.

- Yes, it went well, and now LTU is a proud winner of the road safety price, says Johan Casselgren, a researcher in fluid mechanics in the Department of Engineering Science and Mathematics at Luleå University of Technology.

There is research in LTU's competence centre CASTT where Johan Casselgren developed a solution for improving road safety for, in particular, winter conditions. Using technology in the form of sensors and different classification methods, he and researchers at CASTT has developed a solution which means that road safety can be increased. There is a solution that has proved so good that it has now given the mayor traffic safety award.
Trade journals RESFORUM, TRAFFIC FORUM and Transport & Logistics today has instituted the price in order to highlight good practice in road safety and encourage further work within the commercial traffic on the road in freight and passenger services.