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Publications at Experimental Mechanics

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A tactile resonance sensor for prostate cancer detection – evaluation on human prostate tissue (2021)

Lindahl. O, Bäcklund. T, Ramser. K, Liv. P, Ljungberg. B, Bergh. A
Biomedical Engineering & Physics Express, Vol. 7, nr. 2
Article in journal

Collisional damping of spherical ice particles (2021)

Eidevåg. T, Thomson. E, Sollén. S, Casselgren. J, Rasmuson. A
Powder Technology, Vol. 383, s. 318-327
Article in journal

Large‐scale implementation of floating car data monitoring road friction (2021)

Sollén. S, Casselgren. J
IET Intelligent Transport Systems
Article in journal

Portable bevameter for measuring snow properties in field (2021)

Mähönen. J, Lintzén. N, Casselgren. J
Cold Regions Science and Technology, Vol. 182
Article in journal

Robustness of Laser Speckles as Unique Traceable Markers of Metal Components (2021)

Sjödahl. M, Olsson. E
Digital, Vol. 1, nr. 1, s. 54-63
Article in journal

Surface characterization of ash-layered olivine from fluidized bed biomass gasification (2021)

Kuba. M, Fürsatz. K, Janisch. D, Aziaba. K, Chlebda. D, Łojewska. J, et al.
Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, Vol. 11, nr. 1, s. 29-38
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A New Approach for Evaluating Electron Transfer Dynamics by Using In Situ Resonance Raman Microscopy and Chronoamperometry in Conjunction with a Dynamic Model (2020)

Krige. A, Ramser. K, Sjöblom. M, Christakopoulos. P, Rova. U
Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Vol. 86, nr. 20
Article in journal

A Stochastic Two-Scale Model for Rarefied Gas Flow in Highly Heterogeneous Porous Media (2020)

Pérez-Ràfols. F, Forsberg. F, Hellström. G, Almqvist. A
Transport in Porous Media, Vol. 135, nr. 1, s. 219-242
Article in journal

Bypassing mitochondrial complex III using alternative oxidase inhibits acute pulmonary oxygen sensing (2020)

Sommer. N, Alebrahimdehkordi. N, Pak. O, Knoepp. F, Strielkov. I, Scheibe. S, et al.
Science Advances, Vol. 6, nr. 16
Article in journal

Characterization of ore texture crack formation and liberation by quantitative analyses of spatial deformation (2020)

Semsari Parapari. P, Parian. M, Forsberg. F, Rosenkranz. J
Minerals Engineering, Vol. 157
Article in journal

Combustion behavior of pulverized sponge iron as a recyclable electrofuel (2020)

Tóth. P, Ögren. Y, Sepman. A, Gren. P, Wiinikka. H
Powder Technology, Vol. 373, s. 210-219
Article in journal

Corrosion Sensor for Water-Contaminated Grease (2020)

Dittes. N, Sjödahl. M, Pettersson. A, Lang. D
Tribology Transactions, Vol. 63, nr. 5, s. 891-896