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Publications at Experimental Mechanics

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Ice sintering: Dependence of sintering force on temperature, load, duration, and particle size (2022)

Bahaloohoreh. H, Eidevåg. T, Gren. P, Casselgren. J, Forsberg. F, Abrahamsson. P, et al.
Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 131, nr. 2
Conference paper

3D Spatial Control of Stimulated Raman Scattering Using a Phase Spatial Light Modulator (2021)

Eriksson. R, Gren. P, Sjödahl. M, Ramser. K
Part of: Proceedings OSA Imaging and Applied Optics Congress 2021 (3D, COSI, DH, ISA, pcAOP), Optical Society of America, 2021, 3Th2D.4
Article in journal

A tactile resonance sensor for prostate cancer detection – evaluation on human prostate tissue (2021)

Lindahl. O, Bäcklund. T, Ramser. K, Liv. P, Ljungberg. B, Bergh. A
Biomedical Engineering & Physics Express, Vol. 7, nr. 2
Article in journal

Calibration of a Hyper-Spectral Imaging System Using a Low-Cost Reference (2021)

Saad Shaikh. M, Jaferzadeh. K, Thörnberg. B, Casselgren. J
Sensors, Vol. 21, nr. 11
Article in journal

CO2 Gasification Reactivity of Char from High-Ash Biomass (2021)

Phounglamcheik. A, Vila. R, Kienzl. N, Wang. L, Hedayati. A, Broström. M, et al.
ACS Omega, Vol. 6, nr. 49, s. 34115-34128
Article in journal

Collisional damping of spherical ice particles (2021)

Eidevåg. T, Thomson. E, Sollén. S, Casselgren. J, Rasmuson. A
Powder Technology, Vol. 383, s. 318-327
Conference paper

Depth-resolved speckle correlation using quasi-incoherent imaging interferometry (2021)

Dembele. V, Wahl. J, Sjödahl. M, Ramser. K
Paper presented at : OSA Imaging and Applied Optics Conference 2021, virtual, July 19-23, 2021
Conference paper

Discrete element simulation of dry snow using the developed analytic bond model (2021)

Bahaloo. H, Casselgren. J, Forsberg. F, Sjödahl. M
Part of: IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, Institute of Physics (IOP), 2021, 012015
Article in journal

In-line quality control utilizing close-range photogrammetry and a CAD-model (2021)

Sjödahl. M, Bergström. P, Fergusson. M, Soderholm. K, Andersson. A
Engineering Research Express, Vol. 3, nr. 3
Article in journal

Large‐scale implementation of floating car data monitoring road friction (2021)

Sollén. S, Casselgren. J
IET Intelligent Transport Systems, Vol. 15, nr. 6, s. 727-739