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Droplet & aerosol transportation through mask material

Published: 30 March 2021


  • Formulation of a comprehensive rheological description of complex fluids expelled from nose and mouth in the case of various expiratory events
  • To study numerically the spreading and adsorption of complex fluids and aerosols in filter layers of protective masks.
  • To propose innovative designs of fibrous microstructures of protective masks to increase mask efficiency.

Methodology and research questions


  • Multiphase lattice Boltzmann framework with a pseudo-potential method to reproduce the interface for droplets (CTH)
  • CFD (DNS) for Aerosols (LTU)
  • Fibrous microstructure of real masks as a computational domain e.g. using X-ray tomography (LTU)
  • Focus on the following effects:
    1.Microstructure of fibrous mask materials (local geometry)
    2.Wettability properties of mask material (influence of contact angles)
    3.Newtonian and non-Newtonian nature of complex fluids during expiratory events
    4.Aerosol transport through mask material