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Published: 28 March 2012

Interest in recycling materials as raw material for new products and applications are growing in pace with societys increasing demands for resource efficiency and sustainability. This portal is intended to guide stakeholders in the use of materials and products which are based on used tires.

To recycle materials and products from waste tires typically include a commitment from the Developers, Environmental Authorities and Material Supplier at any stage. To make the task as simple and efficient as possible, it is important that all the actors are aware of their role, responsibilities and tasks in the utilization of materials for various applications. The figure below shows the main actors and their relationship on the basis of the materials from used tires used in construction. Are you Developers, Environmental Authority or Material Supplier you will find support and more support information about how this affects you on the appropriate tab.


The relationship between Contractor - Environmental Authority about any testing or supervision of the business builder intends to conduct or conducts. In accordance with the Environmental terminology builder here is to be regarded as an operator. Use of a material can thus be examined individually, as an examination of an individual establishment or trial of an activity in itself, such as rebuilding a port. The developer is also usually a relationship based on the Planning and Building Law, which is not described in detail here.

The relationship between Contractor - Material supply is a civil relationship, which is not regulated by the Environmental Code. Materials Provider may, in some cases at the same time be the operators, ie Client. In other cases he may assist the builder with expertise in the handling of the material, note that this does not exempt the builder any responsibility in the strict sense.

The relationship that exists between the Environmental Authority - Material supply to individual construction projects are often just the material provider assists the operator with data regarding the material properties. In case material supplier has a permit or notification under the Environmental Code, so he becomes, by definition, operators and responsible for this.

In short, then, for Developers, Environmental Regulatory and Material supply is the basic responsibility related to 1) the operation and / or construction works / facility use, 2) supervision of both the project supervisor who Material Supplier's activities and, where appropriate, of the materials used for construction purposes, and 3) manufacturing, quality and supply of materials and products.