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Published: 29 March 2012

The different types of materials that are manufactured based on used tires and their properties is utilized in various functions within multiple uses in our daily lives.

Soil and Bulit Construction

  • Easy Filling material
  • Drainage material in landfills (gas, water)
  • Shooting ranges, ridges
  • Streets and pavements
  • Waterproofing, carpet
  • Blasting mats

Sports and Recreation

  • Football fields
  • Equestrians and equestrian
  • Sports and playgrounds

Industrial and consumer products

  • Car parts
  • Anti-vibration products

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has conducted environmental systems analysis to compare different applications with standard solutions and waste tires as a raw material for football, horse riding tracks and end cap landfills. In a life cycle perspective, the studies showed that it is as good or better to utilize raw materials based on waste tires than using standard solutions.