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Artificial Soccer Fields and design

Published: 28 March 2012

Rubber granules are used as filler in artificial grass for football pitches and multi-sport plans. Artificial turf is made of plastic or nylon blades of grass attached to a plastic fabric, it is between these "grass" that sand is used as filling material with rubber granules. The sand provides artificial grass gravity while the granules give artificial grass its fragile property.


Figure: Schematic design of a structure with rubber granules / powder

The Swedish Football Association website for information on rules and recommendations for artificial turf fields, and how an artificial turf pitch construction and maintenance. On the website there is information about the artificial turf system that has gone through SvFF's approval system and the providers and approved testing institute. SvFF has also developed a policy for Swedish football action in the artificial turf issue.

Constituent materials

For the construction of synthetic turf football pitch used everything from green plastic bullets to classic sand infill and to stabilize the surface. The filling material consisting of rubber granules, but may have different origins. Styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) consists of old recycled tires from cars and machines. Ethylene-propylene rubber (EPDM) consists of recycled rubber from all sorts of EPDM rubber products from all the refrigerators moldings to engine parts. It may also consist of virgin EPDM rubber. Thermoplastic elastomer compounds (TPE) granules composed of virgin natural rubber.

The properties of the fill materials marginally different gameplay but significantly priced. Rubber granules from used tires are often the most cost-effective option.