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Shooting Ranges

Published: 11 September 2012

Rubber granules can be used as material for Safety fitting on shooting ranges. The granules absorb the ball's energy without fragmenting blykulan and without developing heat that melts the lead. The lead is separated from the granules with a few years' interval, thus minimizing the risk of blyemission and ultimately accumulation in plants and animals. Rubber granulate is insulating, which can extend the season for the shooting range.

Conventional shooting alley walls composed of sand. When a lead bullet hits the sand fragment and assigns melting the lead of the ball. Precipitation Water flowing through the embankment can leach out lead which then end up in the wild. Environmental requirements to reduce the risk of spread of lead in the environment is increasing and in some cases strengthened inspection led to costly remediation. Rubber granules in Safety fitting can, unlike sand, absorbing the ball effectively without fragmenting bullet. Rubber granulate can then be purified from such projectiles by sieving and thereby minimize the risk of blyemission to surrounding soil, surface water and groundwater.

Examples of construction is given in the figure below. Slide Brisbane Vallen covered with dense geoduk that may collect any seepage of water. In the bottom of the structure installed drainage system to collect water ingress. Then, the wood frame around the dike. The wooden frame installed an elastic rubber mat and frame structure is then filled with rubber granules. The amount of rubber granules needed for a shooting range of 30 m with a height of 10 m is about 80 tons. Powerful unit for safety fitting with rubber granules is about 0.5 m projectile captured a few inches into the safety fitting with granules.


Seepage of water is limited and the water still entering the structure can be collected in drainage device for later control, see Fig.

Granules and ball are separated by a few year intervals by sieving. The granules can be reused, while the lead is hazardous waste may be sent to landfill licensed to accept such waste. Blyåtervinningen expected to be almost 100%.