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The final coverage landfill

Published: 28 March 2012

Rubber Cut-based waste tires can be used as a drainage layer in the construction of the final cover of landfills. Rubber Cut used in construction due to high drainage capability (> 10-2 m / s). Furthermore, the material has a low weight and acts tjälisolerande, which gives a better final covering construction which is favorable for long-term performance and seal layer landfill stability.

In the EU and in Sweden, work is underway to complete landfills. In connection with the closure of a landfill built a final coverage. Rubber be cut elastic, insulating and draining properties make it appropriate to utilize rubber clips in a final cover design.

Final Coverage of landfills is performed in order to minimize seepage of water and oxygen to the waste. The principle is that "it is not leaking, nor can run out", ie produce leachate. In addition to water transportation, the final cover help to minimize the leakage of methane produced in landfills with organic waste. The protective frost resistance is an important feature that can affect sluttäckningskonstruktionens function and longevity.

The design of the final covering of tire shreds as a drainage layer is designed according to the recommendations of the Environmental Protection Agency sets the requirements for design, function and materials for the top cover of the landfill through NFS 2001:512 and 2004:2 Manual "Landfill". Drain the warehouse function is to prevent a water pressure occurs in the final membrane coverage. In addition to the drainage function of the rubber clip, the use of the construction:

  • Reduces subsidence (lighter construction)
  • Tjälisolerande (waterproofing protects against frost damage / lighter construction)
  • Dig Protection of waterproofing
Figure: Principle design of the final cover (EPA, 2004)
Figure Drainage layer of rubber clips installed on the Grand Valley deponi.Principiell design of a final cover with rubber clips

The design of a final cover with rubber clips drainage layer made ​​of requirements and recommendations of Handbook 2004:2 " Landfill ". Landfills stability of the whole and its slopes are factors that are crucial for life of the structure. Recommendations for how stability should be calculated in landfills stability , SGI Information 2007:19. A guide to facilitate the recycling of construction waste in an environmentally and health-wise safely in the Environmental Protection Agency's " Recycling of waste in construction " , Handbook 2010:1.