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Secondary materials in a sustainable society

Some of the challenges we face in terms of energy and raw materials and the environment is about tomorrow´s materials supply for community building. The significant flows of secondary materials that are generated in todays society can be a potential resource for future construction.

In order to create efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions requires a multidisciplinary approach and close cooperation between research, society and business. Knowledge is needed both on the intrinsic properties of materials, as if its possible function in different applications in the built environment.

At the university and other universities and institutes research and development is in progress in this area. The research includes material types such as used tires, ash, bottom ash, soil and rubble, contaminated soil, steel slag and industrial sludge. An important task of research is to generate knowledge needed to materials to be managed in a sustainable manner. An important task is to identify the materials that should be taken out of circulation and materials in different ways can be utilized, directly or through processing.

This portal is summarized in the popular form of secondary materials. The information has been compiled in collaboration with developers, governments and material suppliers, and is updated continuously.

In addition to what is presented here is more information to get through: Waste Science and Technology, Energy, Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Process Metallurgy and Applied Geochimistry.


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Will be Developed later:

● Flying Ash

● Ground ash

● Contaminated soil

● Steel Slag

● Slam