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Dust around mining area

Published: 15 April 2011
Dust around mining area.jpg
Figure 1: Haul road

Dust is a primary cause for air quality deterioration and health hazard. Mining is an essential economic activity but is very often related to air pollution by particulate matter. Almost all mining operations generate dust, especially when trucks travelling on haul road (figure1) as well as wind erosion of stockpiles and exposed surfaces (figure2).

Dust around mining.jpg
Figure 2: Expose open surface

Dust is produced by two basic physical phenomena: lifting up by air currents as well as pulverization and abrasion by mechanical force. Properties of source material, characteristics of mining activity, and climatic factors are main parameters influencing particulate matter generation. This project is aiming to analyze the impact of main parameters on dust generation and relate the parameters to the amount of dust generated by a series of field measuring and lab testing. The dust emission factor will then be established to estimate dust generation due to various mining operations.

PhD student Qi Jia
Supervisor Sven Knutsson, Nadhir Al-Ansari