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Dust generation and dust spreading around mining areas.jpg

Dust generation and dust spreading around mining areas

Published: 20 April 2011

My work is a part of the project dealing with dust generation and dust spreading around mining areas. Case study is provided by LKAB Company. The work is carried out in close cooperation with my colleague Qi Jia and supervision is provided by professors Nadhir Al-Ansari and Sven Knutsson.

    The research work is focused on dust problem generated by coarse particles like silt and sand especially around mining areas. The Malmberget open pit is chosen as a case study (as picture showed). My work is focused on modeling of the fluid dynamic and sediment particle transport simulation by using sedimentation engineering methods. The modeling work is based on river system dynamic models, in 1D and 2D and potentially with 3D models in future research steps. The models are aiming to illustrate the transport processes and the amount of dust being transported by the wind flow. With the help of computational simulation and adjustment with the practical information, it will be possible to provide predictions of the future influence to the environment. And a reasonable guideline value suggested for the releasing of dust particle is taken as the final goal of the research.<br />
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    <span class="ingress">PhD student: </span><a href="/polopoly/JSON-RPC/1.40960" polopoly:contentid="1.40960">Yi Huang</a><br />
    <span class="ingress">Supervisor: </span><a href="/polopoly/JSON-RPC/1.33715" polopoly:contentid="1.33715">Nadhir Al-Ansari</a><span class="ingress"> and </span><a href="/polopoly/JSON-RPC/1.10162" polopoly:contentid="1.10162">Sven Knutsson </a></p>