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Basic soil-mechanical issues

Published: 20 April 2011
  1. initiation of work for investigating the role of hydraulic gradients for the evaluated Darcy-coefficient of hydraulic conductivity. The issue is of fundamental importance for adequate prediction of the rate of subsidence of buildings and fillings on soft clay, and for piping and erosion of fine-grained soils, like dams. Required equipment is being installed. The work is suitable for doctoral students.
  2. work on slope stability of clays. The engagement is through interaction with Stig Bernander, techn. lic. at LTU, who will present his doctoral thesis at LTU this spring.
  3. Growth of soft clay through the perforation of a copper tube with dense clay core in an 80 mm diameter oedometer simulating a deep borehole. Appearance 8 hours after start. The larger part of the clay core is still unaffected by water. After a few weeks the entire clay system is homogeneous.

Prof Roland Pusch