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Mosul Reservoir Dam.jpg
Mosul dam

Siltation and Sedimentation Problem in Mosul Reservoir Dam

Published: 15 April 2011

In this research project sediment distribution in Mosul dam reservoir is investigated. Mosul dam is one of the largest dams in Iraq located on the Tigris River in northern Iraq at a distance 50km north the Mosul city as shown in map.

It is rock fill dam with mud core, high 113m its length with the spillway is 3650m, top width 10m as shown in photograph.

The surface area of its reservoir is 380km2 with a storage capacity of 11.11 billion m3 at operation level 330m above sea level. The dead and live storages are 8.16 2.95 billion m3 respectively.

Sediment load of the River Tigris are deposited within the reservoir. Coarse particles are deposited once the river enters the reservoir while fine sediments are deposited within the vicinity of the dam. In all cases the deposition of the sediment reduces the capacity of water storage within the reservoir.

The goal of this research project is to estimate the quantity of sediments deposited within the reservoir since its operation to find out the reduction of storage within the reservoir. Furthermore the distribution of the sediments will be investigated. In addition data will be also compared with a physical model of the upper part of the reservoir that exists at Mosul University. Suggestions are to be given to minimize the Siltation of the reservoir.

PhD student: Issa Elias Issa
Supervisors: Sven Knutsson, Nadhir Al-Ansari