Published: 8 May 2019

2020-09-01 Registration is closed

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2020-07-27 ECPMG 2020 will take place 6th to 8th September 2020

Due to the recent developments of the spread of the COVID-19 in Sweden, subsequent travel restrictions and the overall conference agendas, the organising committee has decided to held the conference ECPMG 2020 between 6th to 8th September.

The conference will be held as a “hybrid” conference taking into account the constantly changing travelling rules for each individual countries. Hybrid refers to delegates able to participate physically joined by delegates who will present their contributions online and can actively take part in discussions.

The program will be adopted for the special requirements for online participations with more and shorter sessions and more short breaks to adjust to the challenges of full day webcam presentation. Authors and presenters are asked to indicate if they want to present their contribution. A decision of joining physically can be done till end of August to react to the individual travel restrictions.

The conference fee for physical participitation will remain at 3500 SEK. Participation online will be 750 SEK and will a little surprise. Printed conference proceedings are available for 500 SEK. Refund, difference between online and physical registration fees and all other financial issues will be dealt after the conference. Visit the registration page for providing more information here.

2020-03-12 ECPMG 2020 postponed to 6th September

The new proposed dates for the ECPMG 2020 will be September 6th to 8th. The website will be updated regularly.

2020-03-11 ECPMG 2020 postponed until further notice

Due to the recent developments of the spread of the COVID-19 in Sweden and worldwide; the subsequent travel restrictions of governments, companies and universities, we have to postpone the conference ECPMG 2020 until further notice.


Due to the spreading of the COVID-19 virus, we wish to keep you informed about the situation in Sweden and Luleå. The Swedish health authorities believe that the risk of the virus spreading widely in Sweden is "moderate". The authorities are taking precautions to limit the spreading to and inside the country. There are no cases confirmed in the Northern part of the country. The closest confirmed case is north of Stockholm, more than 650km south of Luleå.

To keep updated on the development in Sweden, please see the news site for information in English.


The early-bird registration has been extended to January 31st.


Registration for the conference is now open! 

29-11-2019 Saint Nicholas extension

Extended Deadline Call for Abstracts: December 8th.

Saint Nicholas


Date of conference changed.
New date: Sunday evening March 15th until Tuesday evening March 17th.

Extended Deadline Call for Abstracts: November 30th.