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Updated information concerning Specialist workshop

Publicerad: 1 november 2011


Workshop to be held at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, November 15-17, 2011 and hosted by Profs. Sven Knutsson, Roland Pusch and Nadhir Al-Ansari at the Dept. of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering in close cooperation with its associate Prof. Raymond Yong, Canada and Prof. Kadhim Al-Muqdadi, Sweden.

Background and purpose of the workshop

The workshop offers possibilities for specialists interested in the design and performance of landfills for hazardous material to discuss the nature of the processes in engineered barriers, particularly clay-based liners, and ways of modelling them conceptually and theoretically. The workshop will focus on practical matters and refer to geological, geotechnical and soil physical issues, and also deal with construction methods.

The importance of long time behaviour in different climatic regions will give focus on degradation of liner material in long time perspectives, 103 years and more. The aim of the discussions is to create a common basis for predicting the performance of liners and cover layers and to find principles for proper design of these types of landfills.
A second purpose is to consider the disposal and isolation of depleted uranium emanating from weapons and ammunition used in the Iraqi war. The problems with pollution and effective isolation of such slightly radioactive waste are very similar to those of safe disposal of hazardous chemical waste. Both can be disposed of under quite different climatic conditions, which require detailed consideration of how clay-based barriers operate with respect to temperature and hydrology.


Issue 1: Design and function of landfills and different barriers
Legislation, laws and regulations, compressible/incompressible underground, drainage, internal and surface erosion, percolation/collection, exogenic impact, longevity, instrumentation. Discussion and suggestions.

Issue 2: Construction in different geological and climatic environments.
Groundwater issues, drainage; desert condition; arctic conditions; high precipitation; impact of earthquakes (liquefaction). Discussion and suggestions.

Issue 3: Disposal and monitoring of radioactive waste (e.g. DU)
Principles for disposal, use of engineered barriers, diffusion through barriers, long time performance in different climatic condition.  Discussion and suggestions.


Issue 4: Effect of radioactive waste of DU on the environment and health.

The basis is known effects of DU on human health and environment, the objectives are to elaborate ways and means to save the environment from DU pollution, and to assess the role of the society and professionals to minimize the effect of DU.  

The program comprises of presentations and a seminar:

  • Presentations of papers
  • Seminar with general discussions and recommendations


Time and location
The workshop will be held at Luleå University of Technology, Luleå, Sweden, November 15-17, 2011. Workshop-registered attendees are encouraged to prepare papers to be presented at the workshop. The papers will be reviewed by the organizing committee for being accepted for presentation on the Workshop homepage and they will be submitted for publication in a special volume of Engineering Geology (Elsevier Publ. Co), requiring examination by reviewers appointed by the journal.

Individual oral presentation of accepted papers and prepared statements from the session chairs, will provide the basis for the panel discussions. The time for oral presentation of individual papers will be 15-20 minutes per paper. The workshop language is English.

Abstracts and papers
Abstracts with a length of 400 words in maximum should be sent to the organizers no later than September 20, 2011. Address is given at http://www.ltu.se/research/Forskningsamnen/Geotechnical-engineering/Konferenser/Landfillworkshop-2011
Full papers based upon accepted abstracts should be prepared according to the Elsevier Publ. Co. Full papers are due on October 30.

Registration and fees
Registration is made on http://www.ltu.se/research/Forskningsamnen/Geotechnical-engineering/Konferenser/Landfillworkshop-2011
The fee including participation and meals is given on homepage and is 500 US$.
Fees can be paid by using the information given on the homepage or can also be paid by bank transfer. Use the following information:


Bank name



SE-106 40 Stockholm



Account number


Swift code





On the bank payment it is important to also give:

“Landfill workshop”
Project number: 1173003
Name of the sender (participant)

Organizing committee

  • Prof. Sven Knutsson, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
  • Prof. Roland Pusch, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
  • Prof. Raymond Yong, Canada
  • Prof. Nadhir Al-Ansari, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
  • MD. PhD. Prof. emeritus Kadhim Al-Muqdadi, former head of Environmental Department of the Arab Academy in Denmark
  • Prof. Batool Almousawi Iraqi Emabssy, Cultural Office, Stockholm
  • Prof. MD. Anders Brahme, Karolinska Insitutet, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Prof. MD. Anders Romelsjö, Karolinska Insitutet, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Dr. Björn Sandström, Deputy Research Director, FOI CBRN Defence & Security, Umeå, Sweden
  • Dr. Henrik Ramebäck, FOI CBRN Defence & Security, Umeå, Sweden

Further and current information
Detailed information about the workshop will be provided through http://www.ltu.se/shb/landfillworkshop2011
The homepage will be continuously updated and will provide all detailed information about the workshop.

Contact information is given at http://www.ltu.se/shb/landfillworkshop2011