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Pressfoto: Nadhir Al-Ansari, expert på dammen i Mosul - Luleå tekniska universitet Fotograf: Richard Renberg Visa originalbild , Öppnas i nytt fönster/flik

I media: Mosul Dam No Longer on Brink of Catastrophe

Publicerad: 7 maj 2017

"There is no guarantee the dam will ever be safe. Studies done on the dam all show that its collapse is imminent," he said. "The minister may say it's safe because Iraq is already past the flooding season, which peaks in April and ends in May. You will have the same problem every year in April" says Nadhir al-Ansari, professor of water resources and environmental engineering at Lulea University in Sweden and a published expert on the Mosul Dam, agreed that the risk is serious.

Nadhir Al-Ansari

Nadhir Al-Ansari, Professor

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