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The skiing team's wax manager inspired

Published: 16 May 2018

Urban Nilsson, Swedish cross-country ski team's chief waxing technician, and Tomas Mårtensson, meteorologist at SOK, lectured about the Swedish vax organisation and their work and planning for the upcoming Olympic Winter Games. They also revealed some hands-on waxing techniques.

In spite of the early high summer heat in Luleå, it was a well-attended lecture on cooperation, team spirit and the life behind the scenes in a waxing team on the highest level.

"You win together and you lose together," says Urban Nilsson, who believes that the team spirit and trust between the waxing team and the skiers are conclusive for a good result.

The audience also learned that every skier in the national team has about 40 pairs of skis per skier. These are divided according to weather and substrates; 4-5 pairs for minus 15 degrees, 3-4 pairs for minus 10 degrees and so on. Then the different skies are waxed and tested until only 15 minutes left before the race starts.

"Some  of You here today are probably better than me on preparing and waxing skis on feeling or experience, in the national team we only work with tests and leave nothing at random," concluded Urban Nilsson.

At Luleå University of Technology there are many research groups that are interested in, for example, snow, climate and friction.

Nina Lintzen

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