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CO2 absorption and ion mobility in aqueous choline-based ionic liquids (2019)

Filippov. A, Bhattacharyya. S, Shah. F
Journal of Molecular Liquids, Vol. 276, s. 748-752
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Competitive Sorption of Metal Ions on Titanium Phosphate Sorbent(TiP1) in Fixed-Bed Columns (2019)

A Closed-Mine Waters Study
Trublet. M, Scukins. E, Carabante. I, Rusanova-Naydenova. D
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, Vol. 7, nr. 9, s. 8145-8154
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Effect of Cholesterol and Curcumin on Ordering of DMPC Bilayers (2019)

Kotenkov. S, Gnezdilov. O, Khaliullina. A, Antzutkin. O, Gimatdinov. R, Filippov. A
Applied Magnetic Resonance, Vol. 50, nr. 1-3, s. 511-520
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Molecular structure, spectroscopic signature and reactivity analyses of paracetamol hydrochloride monohydrate salt using density functional theory calculations (2019)

Srivastava. K, Shukla. A, Karthick. T, Velaga. S, Tandon. P, Sinha. K, et al.
CrystEngComm, Vol. 21, nr. 5, s. 857-865
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Non-halogenated Ionic Liquid Dramatically Enhances Tribological Performance of Biodegradable Oils (2019)

Rohlmann. P, Munavirov. B, Furó. I, Antzutkin. O, Rutland. M, Glavatskih. S
Frontiers in Chemistry, Vol. 7
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Oxyethylated Isononylphenols in Carbon Tetrachloride (2019)

Arkhipov. V, Arkhipov. R, Kuzina. N, Filippov. A
Applied Magnetic Resonance
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Peculiarities of NMR relaxation in micellar gels of Pluronic F-127 (2019)

Butakov. A, Filippov. A, Gimatdinov. R, Chernov. V
Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, Vol. 40, nr. 3, s. 403-407
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Principles of the Construction of Polymer Structures, Heteronuclear (13C, 15N) CP-MAS NMR, and Thermal Behavior of Heteroleptic Bismuth(III) Complexes of the General Composition [Bi(S2CNR2)2X] (X = NO3, Cl) (2019)

Novikova. E, Ivanov. A, Egorova. I, Troshina. R, Rodionova. N, Smolentsev. A, et al.
Russian journal of coordination chemistry, Vol. 45, nr. 10, s. 695-705
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Rapid carbene formation increasing ion diffusivity in an imidazolium acetate ionic liquid confined between polar glass plates (2019)

Filippov. A, Antzutkin. O, Shah. F
Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP
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Reactivity of CO2 with aqueous choline-based ionic liquids probed by solid-state NMR spectroscopy (2019)

Filippov. A, Antzutkin. O, Shah. F
Journal of Molecular Liquids, Vol. 286
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Selective flotation of calcium minerals using double-headed collectors (2019)

Patra. A, Taner. H, Bordes. R, Holmberg. K, Larsson. A
Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, Vol. 40, nr. 8, s. 1205-1216
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Self-diffusion of ethylammonium nitrate ionic liquid confined between modified polar glasses (2019)

Filippov. A, Gnezdilov. O, Luchkin. A, Antzutkin. O
Journal of Molecular Liquids, Vol. 284, s. 366-371
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Chemisorption Synthesis of the Ion-Polymeric Heteronuclear Gold(III)-Bismuth(III) Complex ([Au{S2CN(C3H7)2}2]3[Bi2Cl9])n Based on [Bi2{S2CN(C3H7)2}6]: 13C MAS NMR, Supramolecular Structure, and Thermal Behavior (2018)

Ivanov. A, Gerasimenko. A, Egorova. I, Zaeva. A, Novikova. E, Rodionova. N, et al.
Russian journal of coordination chemistry, Vol. 44, nr. 8, s. 518-531
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Complete Column Trials for Water Refinement Using Titanium(IV) Phosphate Sorbents (2018)

Trublet. M, Rusanova-Naydenova. D
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, Vol. 6, nr. 5, s. 6157-6165
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Correction (2018)

Revisiting syntheses of Ti(IV)/H2PO4–HPO4functional ion-exchangers, properties and features
Trublet. M, Rusanova-Naydenova. D, Antzutkin. O
New Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 42, nr. 2, s. 1521
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Diffusivity of crude oils contained in macroporous medium (2018)

1H NMR study
Dvoyashkin. D, Filippov. A
Mendeleev communications (Print), Vol. 2, s. 222-224