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A project funded by EIT Raw Materials

Grinding Energy Efficiency (GREENY)

GREENY is a project funded by “EIT Raw Materials” in accordance with project number 18009. GREENY's vision is to improve the efficiency of fragmentation and enable the enrichment of secondary raw materials.

Projects focus on slag that arises as a by-product in the steel industry. Design and optimization of methods, the production process and equipment is the goal. Modeling and experimental methods of slag are ongoing in parallel so they contribute to the development of the new industrial process.

To increase knowledge about heterogeneous materials, the research includes mechanical characterization of slag, optimization and validation of multi-scale models. Simulations stand for adapted subroutines to continuum-based and discrete methods of material models and upgrading of the crushing process.


Project website :


Greeny at LTU:

- Laura Suarez (PhD student)

- Pär Jonsén (Professor also subject representative)

- Jörgen Kajberg (Assistant Professor)