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Verktyg för modellering
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A novel material modell calibration tool

Rapid development of new advanced materials and their use places high demands on test tools that can provide accurate answers to how deformation and failure affect an advanced product. Developing a reliable material modell calibration tool is the focus of this project.

The rapid development of new advanced materials and the use of several different materials in structural components results in high demands on the material modelling of deformation and failure of these materials.Today there are no tools that in a simple way and with high accuracy create the models required to be able to simulate complicated manufacturing processes and/or component behavior in modern high-performance lightweight materials.

Tool for material models

The purpose of the project is to develop a "tool" for fast and automated material model generation including material data for simulation of deformation and failure of components in the automotive industry, but also for applications in other industrial sectors such as the aerospace industry. The proposed tool is a combination of three-dimensional experimental deformation measurements and a numerical analysis tool that, with these measurements as input, creates material models and fracture models. Today, there are no tools that easily and accurately create the models needed to simulate complex manufacturing processes and/or components behaviour for modern high-performance lightweight materials.

Our aim is through smart and effective digitalization methods to enable product certification based on virtual design with a minimized amount of physical test objects. This project is expected to provide a simplified w ay to create models that are directly useful in product development and for use in Digital Twins or Digital Clones.