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Damage and attrition modelling of iron ore pellets in handling and storage system

Published: 20 September 2017

Solid Mechanics has received founding from LKAB for a pre-study to identify properties for predicting the degradation/damage on pellets and fines generation in different types of flow in the production, transportation chain and storage. The project goal is to develop methods that will increase the possibility to implement modern modelling and simulation methods in product development processes.

Handling of large- scale granular flow s is a key operational activity within LKAB in w here approximately 25 MTon of pellet products are produced every year. In the harbours, the pellets are stored/or reloaded on ships for final transportation to end customers. Depending on destination, substantial reloading and transportation also can occur at the end customer. In the transportation chain, the pellet products are exposed to mechanical impact from multiple reloading points. Other mechanical forces also impact the pellet products such as abrasion and shear forces. By this mechanical impact, some of the pellets may lose their strength or disintegrate causing so called “fines” and dust. Based on the importance of reducing the negative impact of dust emissions and having high value pellet products it is a key activity to  further understand the mechanism behind the pellet disintegration.

By this understanding completely new disintegration models can be implemented into innovative simulating tools that will be utilized to make better decisions in the design of the pellet logistic chain for a resource efficient mineral processing.