Simulation of rotating mill

ValidMill- Validation of numerical models for grinding in tumbling mills

Published: 18 January 2012

To established further confidence in the numerical models from ModPulp a natural continuation is to work with the validation of the models. The work will provide information on the numerical models measure up or be improved. Another important aspect of modeling is to work with the scaling effects of the pilot mill trials and models of mills in full size. To use data from measurement on the center of gravity and torque measurements and validate numerical models of these results is also an important part of a continuation. It will be a new way to evaluate the dynamic effects in tumbling mills. Combined with the measurements made at LKAB in Malmberget these will provide a better understanding of the dynamic system that mills actually are.

Within the project ModPulp a number of experiments have been carried out to be useful for validation of numerical models. The focus has been the center of gravity and torque determination. The project have also data from the CCM measurements made at LKAB in Malmberget. It is interesting to model these attempts to quantitatively validate the numerical models

The project will be conducted by an interdisciplinary senior research project Pär Jonsen (Solid Mechanics) and Bertil Palsson (Mineral Processing) will be those persons who perform work. Hans-Ake Häggblad (Solid Mechanics) will be to support the project. Valid Mill is funded by HLRC by 50%, 25% LKAB and Boliden AB, 25% of the total cost

Project leader and researcher: Pär Jonsén

Researchers: Bertil Pålsson and Hans-Åke Häggblad

Industrial researchers: Kent Tano LKAB and Andreas Berggren Boliden Minerals


Image from simulation of grinding in rotary grinder