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Published: 24 January 2017

Solid Mechanics will participate in a project within VINNOVA:s strategical innovation program – Metallic Materials – where steel based on the F-Si-C system will be optimized for combinations of strength, toughness and wear resistance better than conventional martensitic steels. Previous attempts with superbainitic steels have not contained silicon enough to give any vital advantages. The project will be performed in a creative environment in a collaboration between material producers, OEM:s, and researchers at LTU and Ausferritic AB.

The participating steel producers - Ovako and Smålands Stålgjuteri - will offer austempered ausferritic steels with excellent mechanical and tribological properties with product costs comparable with today´s hardened steels. The project will gather material data concerning improved strength, fracture toughness and fatigue properties as well as improved tribological properties and wear resistance for plain bearings. The excellent properties are enabled by the enhanced Si-content in the solution hardened ausferritic steel ´SiSSASteel´ and nodular cast iron ´SiSSADI´.

During the project the ausferritic nodular cast irons and the ausferritic steels will be evaluated at four OEM:s: Atlas Copco, Indexator, Olofsfors and Rototilt. The project will be managed by Ausferritic AB.