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OPTUS Hot - Micro-structure and temperature dependent failure modelling of hot sheet metal forming.

Published: 26 April 2010

The overall aim of the project is to determine models for accurate simulation of press hardening of sheet material which is an important production process for manufacturing of protective components in the automotive industry.

In this process the material undergoes deformation under rapid cooling which causes phase transformations. Fracture of the material in the forming tool must be avoided and therefore fracture criteria for the material at all stages present in the process are of great interest in order to develop and optimise the process. The project is based on earlier research regarding fracture of hardened boron steel.
A comprehensive experimental programme regarding strain rate and temperature history is included in the project. Modelling based on experimental results is also an important part. A model covering the stages that are present in the process will be implemented and validated on a specially designed component. Finally the model will be used for simulation of the industrial press hardening operation in order to develop and optimise the production process.

LTU: KG Sundin, Hans-Åke Häggblad and Mats Oldenburg
Industry: Gestamp Hardtech:  Daniel Berglund