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Published: 5 October 2015

Implementation and validation of multiphase steel failure models for crash analyses

The dominant technology for lightweight design of car structures is based on press-hardening. The technology is a Swedish innovation has developed into a global technology with Sweden still as the world leader in research and industrial development. The driving forces are the reduction of emissions and increased car safety. The usage of press hardened components in the next generation of car structures is expected to be above 40%. A prerequisite for efficient introduction of new high performance materials is the availability of efficient and accurate methods for simulation of fracture in crash analyses. Such methods have been developed in previous PhD projects.


The project includes validation of fracture models and failure criteria with applications in press-hardened components. The focus is on models for failure in components with varying microstructure.

The project will develop relevant component tests and compare different methods and strategies for prediction of material failure. The PhD-project is funded by VINNOVA within the programme FFI- Sustainable production is carried out in cooperation with Gestamp Hardtech, Scania AB, Volvo Car Corporation and Dynamore Nordic AB.


Research student: Stefan Golling

Supervisor: Mats Oldenburg

Assistant supervisor: Hans-Åke Häggblad