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Heat transfer during press hardening process.

PROCSIM IV - Modeling of heat transfer in sliding contacts.

Published: 27 April 2010

This Project is based on Procsim III where the heat transfer with respect to temperature and pressure has been studied.The demands of lighter load carrying structures in transport service require new high performance materials and new innovative industrial processes.

To be able develop new industrial processes in short time; methods to simulate the process and material behaviour are a fundamental condition. The development of thermal- and mechanical controlled simulation techniques are the main criteria for successfully adapting new high performance material and industrial processes. The key technology is hot stamping of boron-alloyed steel.

One important part in the models that’s used for thermo-mechanics analyses of the press-hardening process is reliable models of heat transfer in contacts and models for friction in sliding contacts.

The aim with project are further development of material- and process simulation and with good accuracy predict final geometry of the product, material composition and material properties in the development of hot stamped components.
The goal with the project is to gain higher knowledge of the process relationships that’s has the highest influence for the results of simultaneous shaping and hardening and implement this in a simulation software for a complete manufacture process.

Research student: Johan Theander
Supervisor: Mats Oldenburg