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TOOLWEAR - Modeling of thermo-mechanical processes for enhanced productivity and quality

Published: 27 February 2012

Thermo-mechanical forming processes are being increasingly employed in the manufacturing of complex shaped ultra high strength steel (UHSS) for structural and safety components in automobiles. These processes are complex owing to changes in temperatures due to the cooling of the tools, phase transformations and tool-workpiece tribological interactions at elevated temperatures. There is a need for deeper understanding and to create new knowledge in order to be able to predict the tool wear in the press-hardening process.

Previous research at Luleå University of Technology has enabled simulations of the complete thermo-mechanical press hardening process. Some of the tasks to be carried out in the project include:

1. Tribological studies on tool-workpiece pairs at elevated temperatures.

2. Development of predictive models for high precision simulations of tool wear.

3. Validation of the tool wear model.

The results of the research will lead to development of a predictive process model for tool wear in thermo-mechanical forming.

The project consortium consists of Gestamp HardTech, SSAB EMEA, Oerlikon Balzers, Ionbond and Swerea/Mefosas the industrial partners. Luleå University of Technology (Divisions of Solid Mechanics and Machine Elements) is the academic partner.

Research student: Liang Deng

Supervisor: Mats Oldenburg

Assistant supervisor: Göran Lindkvist