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Thermo-mechanical forming of sheet metal where the weld is included - virtual forming method for rocket nozzles

Published: 6 November 2014

Design and manufacture of rocket nozzles is a niche in space activities at GKN Aerospace Sweden AB. The advanced high-strength materials are complex design solutions developed for rocket nozzles that must withstand extreme loads during high temperatures in rocket launches in international research programs in close cooperation with ESA, the European Space Agency. To meet future demands for efficiency and low emissions levels demanded innovative manufacturing methods for future rocket nozzles in new materials.

Space Agency is funding research at the university, Department of Materials and Solid Mechanics and OSAS at IUC in Olofstroem AB concerning manufacturing methods for rocket nozzles through the National Space Technology Research Program NRFP SMEs. Through the project, "Thermo-mechanical forming of sheet metal where the weld is included - virtual forming method for rocket nozzles" develops a Swedish SME companies, Speed ​​Tool AB, its activities in tool design and establish cooperation with renowned research organizations on the analytical methods for forming processes of sheet aluminum 6061 where welding is included.

The goal of the project is to evaluate the potential of innovative forming methods under elevated temperature of a rocket nozzle through so-called simulation-driven development tool. The project also contributes to the ability of the Speed ​​Tool AB to eventually develop into new supplier of tools and sheet metal formed components in high-performance materials for aerospace industries in Sweden and internationally.

Project participants:

  • Speed ​​Tool AB
  • GKN Aerospace Sweden AB
  • IUC in Olofström AB
  • Luleå University of Technology


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