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TiFORM2, Direct-hit development of manufacturing processes – thermo mechanical forming of Titanium

Published: 19 December 2011

The project concerns research about, and development of, forming processes comprising sheet metal forming of titanium. The aim of the research is use accurate analyses in order to develop forming processes and with high precision manufacture titanium sheet metal with known final properties.

The project develops new thermo-mechanical processes and tools for the forming of titanium sheets. Material modeling includes anisotropy and creep properties at temperatures above 600 oC. The project contributes with competence to create conditions for the companies with potential to function as suppliers for national and international companies within the air force sector, primary to VAC. The partner companies will quickly and accurately be able to develop forming processes and manufacture new titanium components.

One objective is that a few chosen small and medium sized companies can develop their processes and be given the opportunity to become suppliers of titanium components to the Swedish aero engine industry.

The project is funded by the National aeronautical reserarch programme (NFFP5, VINNOVA) and is operated in cooperation with Formnings AB (Deform), ITE Fabriks AB, Permascand AB, Volvo Aero Corporation, IUC i Olofström AB and Luleå University of Technology.

Project leader: Eva-Lis Odenberger, IUC Olofström

Project owner: Mats Oldenburg, LTU